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Track Crypto Instantly

With Notion

Seamless Syncing

Automatic Price Updates

  • Token prices auto-update in the background
  • Forget about manual price data entry
  • View your profit/loss based on current market values
  • Effortless insights with automatic price updates
Expansive Library

Access To Any Listed Token

  • Supports any token listed on DexScreener
  • Access to data on over 20,000 tokens
  • New tokens added to DexScreener on launch
  • Wider selection of token data compared to CoinMarketCap

Customize Your Dashboard

Our provided template is just a starting point. You have complete freedom to customize your crypto dashboard in Notion to suit your preferences.

Easily modify layouts, analytics, and visuals to create a personalized portfolio tracking experience that aligns with your investment style.

You can even build your own custom dashboard from scratch and give it automatic price updates.


Take Research Notes

Directly In Notion

Tracking your crypto portfolio in Notion allows you to consolidate your research and notes on each asset directly within its project page, enabling a more organized and efficient investment strategy.

Need A Custom Build

Book A Consulting Meeting

Unlock personalized Notion setups with our custom consulting services, designed to fit your unique needs and workflow beyond our standard template. Our expertise transforms your vision into a perfectly tailored Notion experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Chainfolio update crypto prices?

Our app syncs with Dexscreener’s API to provide real-time price updates for over 20,000 tokens, ensuring your portfolio values are always current.

Can I share my portfolio with others?

Yes, Notion’s sharing capabilities allow you to easily share your portfolio with friends, family, or team members, fostering collaboration and learning.

How secure is my data?

Security is a top priority. Your portfolio data is securely managed within Notion, and we ensure data privacy and security through our API integrations.

Can I customize the portfolio dashboard?

Yes, Notion’s flexibility allows you to customize your dashboard to your liking. Our template is a suggestion, and you can modify it as needed.

How do I get started with Chainfolio?

We provide a follow along step-by-step video with your purchase on how to set things up. To give you a quick rundown basically you sign up on our website, connect your Notion account, and you’ll be ready to track your crypto portfolio seamlessly.

Do you offer custom dashboards or consulting?

Yes we do! If you need a different dashboard to fit your needs but want a professional to build it then we are available. Book a meeting to discuss your needs, budget and timeframe.

Can I have multiple subscriptions with the same email address?

Currently, our system supports only one active subscription per email address. If you need multiple subscriptions, please use a different email for each purchase. Alternatively, you can add “+#” (e.g., or etc.) to your email username for additional subscriptions. This method will create unique accounts while ensuring all confirmation emails are sent to your original email address. This limitation will be addressed in future updates.

Does one subscription cover multiple accounts?

Each subscription is designed to work with one projects database only. If you wish to use our integration for multiple databases, additional subscriptions are required for each.

What should I do if the prices in my Notion project are not updating?

If the prices aren’t updating, please wait at least 5 minutes as updates are not instantaneous. If the issue persists, verify your active subscription by checking here. Should your subscription be active and the problem remains, try reconnecting your Notion database and API key here. If these steps don’t resolve the issue, please get in touch with our support team at for further assistance.

What is the fastest way to get support if I encounter an issue?

For immediate assistance, we recommend first consulting our FAQ section, as it covers a wide range of common questions and issues. If your query isn’t addressed there, feel free to email us at Please note, while we strive to respond promptly, it may take up to 24 hours to receive a reply. Thank you for your understanding.